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Hotel Bolero is located in Biograd n / M, I. Meštrovića 1 and the hotel is managed by Zadro turist doo, Zagreb Zagrebačka 149, OIB 42732950595. and is the head of personal data processing in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 1, item 7 of the General Regulation on Data Protection.

Hotel Bolero respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


General provisions

Hotel Bolero respects your privacy and the security of your personal information. When we collect your personal data or when you share it with us, we use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act or other applicable regulations applicable in the Republic of Croatia, which regulate the protection of personal data.

This Privacy Policy governs and defines the handling of personal data that we collect from you or about you on this website or through certain services of the Hotel Bolero, through oral and written communication with you, or when you visit the Hotel Bolero. We guarantee that we will treat your personal data as confidential information and business secrets.


Personal information

Hotel Bolero guarantees that the collected data will be used only for the purpose of internal statistical data processing, answering your query, improving the user experience on the website, and to provide you with the expected level of services in our hotel. Personal data is data relating to you that can be used to identify you directly or indirectly (your name, address, age, e-mail address, image, IP address and telephone number, MAC address of your mobile phone or cookies).

In communication with you as a guest, and within our correspondence, business and service, we may collect personal information. We need this personal information to communicate with you; information regarding your reservation, stay or visit to Hotel Bolero. We collect your personal information when you participate in sweepstakes or marketing programs, we collect information about your accounts and cards when booking accommodation or when paying bills for services provided. In addition to the above information, we may collect information about people traveling with you.

During the check-in / check-in at the Bolero Hotel, we collect additional information that is necessary for the collection of legal obligations in connection with your check-in and check-out at the hotel or your registration as a hotel guest.

We also collect personal data if you want to get a job at the Bolero Hotel by applying for a vacancy or by sending an open application and CV. We collect this information in order to exercise the rights and obligations arising from the employment relationship and in connection with the employment relationship.
We may collect your personal information from third parties including but not limited to information from our business partners, travel agencies, suppliers and other business partners.

With your consent (consent), we may use the personal data we have collected from you for the purpose of informing about our products, offers, discounts, prize games or for other marketing purposes. For these purposes, we may contact you via e-mail, mail, Internet advertising, social networks, telephone, text messages (SMS, Viber, Whatsapp), automatic notifications and in other ways.
In case you do not want Hotel Bolero to contact you, you are obliged to inform Hotel Bolero in writing.

Duration of the Privacy Policy

At the time of submitting your data, you agree to be contacted. The protection of the privacy of your data is permanent, and you can request exclusion from our mailing list at any time. After that, the data is no longer used by Hotel Bolero.


Contents of the Privacy Policy

We do not sell, rent or provide your personal data to third parties, legal entities or individuals, without your explicit consent. Hotel Bolero will ask for your special permission if you want us to inform you about our products, offers, discounts, sweepstakes or for other marketing purposes. Hotel Bolero is not liable for accidental error or error due to force majeure or other objective circumstances that cause accidental breach of the guaranteed protection of your personal data, but guarantees that the error will be rectified as soon as possible.

We collect only those personal data that are voluntarily provided to us. We do not require you to send us this information in order to give you access to your site and we do not ask you to disclose more information than is really necessary to participate in any activity on our site.

Data confidentiality

We undertake not to disclose to other parties your personal data that we have received, except in cases prescribed by applicable law.
We may share your personal information internally within our organizational units for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations, preventing fraud and / or improving products and services, or because you have given us your consent.

We may disclose your personal information to trusted third parties who help us provide digital advertising services (social media monitoring, ratings and reviews, customer relationship management, network and search engine analysis, etc.), third parties who provide us with technical support such as providers platforms or server hosting, database support and maintenance, as well as software and applications, payment service providers (banks and other credit institutions).

We may pass on your personal information to government law enforcement agencies in the following situations:
in cases where this is necessary for the performance of legal obligations if such action is necessary for the conduct of the legal process if it is in accordance with legal requirements or actions, in order to protect our rights or the rights of users of our services and the public.



Our website contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the content, accuracy or function of these sites. Pages and online addresses change quickly, and we cannot always guarantee the content of every address we direct you to.



When you send us an email with personal information either via a question or comment email, or a form that you email us, we use that information to fulfill your requests.


Server statistics

Our website uses statistical software that is a standard feature of all Internet servers and is not unique to our website. Such statistical programs allow us to customize our pages in a way that is as efficient and simple as possible for our visitors (identifying data that most or least interests our users, customizing pages for individual browsers, the effectiveness of our site structure and traffic to our pages.)


Use of cookies

Cookies are tiny files of web pages that are stored on users' internet browsers. These tiny files allow websites to remember everything visitors have done. To make it easier to browse our website, our server uses cookies. The cookie does not read data from your disks or data that contains cookies from other servers stored on your disk. You can also set your Internet browser to prevent cookies from being written to your computer.


Protection of children's personal data

Children deserve special protection with regard to their personal data as they may be less aware of the risks, consequences and protective measures in question and of their rights in relation to the processing of personal data. Hotel Bolero does not want and does not intend to collect personal data of children, will not use it in any way or will not give it to third parties. As a parent / guardian you always have the right to request access to all personal data about your child, you can request the deletion of data (if this data is still in our database).


Video surveillance system

Hotel Bolero, as the processing manager, has a legitimate interest in implementing security and technical measures of video surveillance, in order to protect property and persons, which is why surveillance cameras have been set up to record employees and all persons moving in the surveillance cameras. All places where video surveillance cameras are installed are marked in the prescribed manner, all recordings obtained through the video surveillance system are marked as business secrets and are not given to anyone, except to state authorities if they are evidence in a legal action / procedure. Videos are dubbed regularly so that they are automatically deleted after a maximum of 15 days from the date of recording. Exceptionally, videos are kept longer if the evidence is pending before the competent state authorities.


Your consent

By providing information to Hotel Bolero, in any way (reservation, registration at the reception…) you guarantee that the information you have provided is accurate, that you are legally capable and authorized to dispose of the information and that you fully agree that Hotel Bolero uses your personal information and collects in accordance with the law and the terms of this privacy policy.
If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact us at e-mail and we will be happy to answer all your questions.
Feel free to contact us to provide you with all the information we hold about you. You can also delete, correct or change your personal data by sending an e-mail to:


Hotel Bolero

Ivana Meštrovića 1

23210 Biograd na moru



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